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The Star Wars Collector's Bible (hereafter The SW Bible or SWB) is a detailed hypertext checklist of U.S.-released Star Wars-related merchandise.

SWB is NOT a price guide. The prices listed are the original retail value when the items were in stores.

SWB is NOT a catalog. I do NOT have the items for sale. Well, I do have a few things for sale and trade. See my buy-sell-trade lists.

Organization, Access Methods, and Special Features

by Company Name
The SW Bible is organized alphabetically by company name. Within each company listing, items are in order by product number (when available), and/or chronologically by original release date. If you don't know what company produced the item you're interested in, try the Search page.

List of Star Wars gift cards
My current collecting focus is Star Wars gift cards, so IMO this area of my site is particularly rich. I also have some available for trade here.

Quick Guide to Star Wars Theatrical Poster Styles
Do you have a hard time remembering which poster is style "A" and which is style "C"? I admit even I still do. Bookmark my Quick Guide to Star Wars Theatrical Poster Styles and ease your worries!

List of fanzines
As a former Star Wars fanzine author (The Star Wars Collector in the 1990's), it behooves me to include a detailed list!

Star Wars Foreign Mini-Film Frames
James Addams and The SW Bible present the on-line authority on foreign mini-film frames that were found in snack chips around the world in 1997.

Star Wars-related Magazines
A list of magazines, old and new, which had a SW cover and/or a SW article.

Star Wars references in other media
Thanks to Google, this area of my site gets the most hits: my list of movies, TV shows, books, music, etc., which have some direct or indirect unlicensed reference to Star Wars.

TV shopping channel Star Wars specials
I have compiled lists of QVC broadcasts and products and Home Shopping Network broadcasts and products.

List of "Famous" Collectors
A brief list of famous people who are also Star Wars collectors.

List of Abbreviations used

Other Access Methods
A brief index of useful lookup methods is provided. Other access methods are planned. Please suggest some useful methods!

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What's New?

Added Quick Guide to Star Wars Theatrical Poster Styles.
I removed the Targeting Computer calendar because I don't have time to maintain it.
Added magazines info and images from my collection.

The SW Bible went on-line on July 6, 1994, before the publication of Tomart's Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles by Steve Sansweet et al.

Under Construction

I apologize that The SW Bible is not very high-tech, especially when compared to some (many? Most? ALL?) other web sites. But it is here available to you out of the goodness of my heart. Keep in mind that I am a busy man, and other aspects of my life often take priority over working on The SW Bible.

In addition, I am saddened that unscrupulous people steal my work for their own profits without even telling me and without even sending me as much as a free copy of the magazine they print it in! (Ahem, Cards Illustrated!)

Here are some ideas for future enhancements. But in light of the above facts, don't count on them being implemented any time soon.

By the Way...

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