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issue date contents
1992-12 list: vintage Kenner action figures;
feature: a view from Japan;
book review: Tumbusch's "Space Adventure Collectibles"
1993-12 Dark Horse Comics special feature and list;
debut: Bothan Spy Report;
debut: Targeting Computer
1994-02 list: breakfast cereal premiums;
feature: collector fraud
1994-04 sources: QVC;
list: Kenner figure variations;
debut: Main Computer Queries
10 pages
feature: rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure;
list: glasses & tumblers;
follow-up: QVC shopping
10 pages
sources: flea market shopping;
lists: supposed new Kenner & Playmates figures;
collector autobiography: editor Martin Thurn;
review: Topps' Millennium Falcon card set;
review: TV's 1978 "The SW Holiday Special"
#07 1994-10,
12 pages
feature: Gene Day art Portfolio;
feature: reactions to new Kenner action figures
#08 1994-12,
10 pages
feature: modern-day comic collecting;
feature: a scam against toy collectors;
the official list of Topps promo cards (published for the first time anywhere);
report from the SW Summit
1995-02 feature: "Why do people collect carded figures, anyway?";
list: poster forgeries;
review: WEG RPG sourcebooks
#10 1995-04,
10 pages
feature: collecting SW autographs;
list: QVC offerings;
collector autobiography;
Brian Daley contest announcement
feature: critical preview of new Kenner figures & vehicles;
how-to: forming a collecting club;
how-to: collecting props & replicas;
how-to: the golden rules of mail order;
lists: promo card update & U.S. puzzles
#12 1995-08,
18 pages
SPECIAL ISSUE: The Fans Strike Back.
feature: report from Australian convention;
feature: bootleg action figures;
list: Alex Newborn's customized figures;
how-to: customized figure packaging;
feature: General Veers figure
18 pages
EXCLUSIVE interview with author Brian Daley;
new regular column: Bantha Pudu;
list: QVC offerings;
mini-review: new Luke figure;
report: Mark Hamill at Comiccon;
feature: MOC telescoping Luke;
feature: David West Reynolds, the ultimate collector;
list & feature: POF coins
#14 1995-12,
16 pages
All-new design and layout.
EXCLUSIVE interview with author Brian Daley (conclusion);
SW in Italy;
SW collecting in Spain;
critical preview of ANH Special Edition;
report from Australian convention (continued);
review: The Making of SW video; much more.
#15 1996-02,
16 pages
6-page list
report from Australian convention (conclusion);
collecting store displays;
Kenner's Classic Edition 4-pack;
rare Canadian Coke bottle cap liners;
update: collecting autographs;
reviews: Action Fleet, Caps (pogs), and Galaxy 3 cards;
much more.
22 pages
6-page list
exclusive eulogy to Brian Daley;
Kenner prototypes;
fiction mini-reviews and timeline;
how action figures are made;
how toys are made;
much more.
22 pages
classic Kenner collector cases;
Canadian collectibles;
how to spot fake vinyl jawa and rocket fett;
exclusive report from WonderFest;
much more.
22 pages
EXCLUSIVE interview with Steve Perry;
secrets of toy dealers;
Veers update;
QVC lists;
much more.
#19 1996-10,
22 pages
feature and list: Kenner card backs;
EXCLUSIVE interview with Ertl artist H. Ed Cox;
TIE variations;
#20 1997-01,
24 pages
4-page list
EXCLUSIVE interview with Steve Sansweet;
list: West End RPG;
Kenner Toy Fair;
LEGO star destroyer;
prototype ewok video game cartridge;
comics overview;
Donny & Marie;
#21 REPRINT 1997-04,
20 pages
EXCLUSIVE interview with Kristine K. Rusch;
Marvel's first six years and COMPLETE Marvel comics checklist;
Galoob's Toy Fair offerings;
Singapore live show report;
drunken ewok actor;
#22 1997-08,
28 pages
EXCLUSIVE interview with Michael Stackpole
Q&A with Kenner exec;
breakfast cereal boxes;
vintage Kenner weapon repros;
Marvel comics 1980-1982
checklist of X-wing collectibles;
much more.
#23 1997-11,
28 pages
EXCLUSIVE interview with several West End Games professionals;
history of SW fanzines and DETAILED list of SW fanzines;
point/counterpoint: the vintage Power of the Force line;
collector spotlight: Alex Newborn;
Wookiee commode;
#24 REPRINT 1998-03,
28 pages
EXCLUSIVE interviews with West End and Scholastic artists;
Chewbacca checklist;
Russian gum stickers;
Marvel comics 1983-1984;
vintage POF toys;
animatronic Yoda in Santa suit;
much more.
#25 1998-06,
24 pages
Cantina aliens special issue;
The Magic of Myth exhibit;
1976-1977 pre-release collectibles;
Toy Fair;
Richard Pryor;
much more.
#26 REPRINT 1998-10,
24 pages
posters collecting overview;
vintage Kenner in-store displays;
EXCLUSIVE interview with Scott Tice;
collector burnout;
much more.
#27 REPRINT 1999-01,
24 pages
fast food toys and collectibles checklist;
Marvel comics 1983-1985
EXCLUSIVE interviews with Tom Veitch and Mike Beidler;
bootleg Biggs footage;
Behind the Magic CD-ROM review;
#28 REPRINT 1999-04,
28 pages
Marvel UK weeklies and Pizzazz comics
Alex Newborn on the Magic of Myth exhibit
Star Wars investing overview by Nick Thurn
the infamous Topps "X-rated" C-3PO trading card
Pete Vilmur on special event posters
the return of Bantha Pudu
product reviews

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