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Welcome to and the Jawa Collection

Welcome to my Jawa collection
All of the items you see here are a part of my collection that's been in progress since around 1994. Originally I was collecting all kinds of star wars stuff but somewhere around 1998 I switched my focus to mostly jawa items.

There are currently 181 jawa and sandcrawler items listed on this site. They vary from Topps cards from the 70's to action figures released in 2001 and some truly odd stuff that people have sent my way when they heard I collected jawas stuff. I'm always looking for cool things to add to my collection. As you can see from what is here pretty much anything jawa or sandcrawler related interest me. So if you have anything please drop me a note here. I've also posted a want list of specific items that I'm looking for.

How this website was made
This website was made using the scripting language PHP and the database MySQL. The details for each jawa item are stored in a database. Rather than maintain lots of different HTML files I onlt have to maintain a couple of templates. There is a web based administration tool that allows me to setup the categorization scheme, add, edit and delete items and customize a few other elements of the site. This cuts down on a TON of the work of maintaining the website. The items you see on the site now were almost all added into this system in just about a week (working in the evenings). That time also includes my scanning and taking photos (more on that below). I developed this system originally as a collectibles website store and shopping cart I did for Toy Heaven.

About the photos here
Most of the photos on this site were made on my scanner and a few taken with a digital camera. I was incredibly surprised at the effectiveness of using the scanner. I lot of items that I've had a real hard time taking digital photographs of were 10 times easier to get a good picture of using a scanner. Please feel free to take any of the images you see here on for your own use or whatever. My one request is that you please don't use them in auctions.

If you want a funny item to start on click here.

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