Jawa Collection Carded FiguresVintage

US - Star Wars (10)

12 Back A Vinyl Cape Jawa (1SW12A)

12 Back B Plastic Back (1SW12B)

SW 12 C Back (1SW12C)

SW 12 C Back Cardboard Insert (1SW12C)

SW 20 A Back (1SW20A)

SW 20 C Back (3SW20C)

SW 20 E Back (3SW20E)

SW 20 G Back (3SW20G)

SW 20 G Back Black Sticker behind (3SW20G)

SW 20 J Back (3SW20J)

US - ESB (10)

ESB 21 Back G (1ESB21G)

ESB 31 A Back (3ESB31B)

ESB 41 A Back (5ESB41A)

ESB 41 C Back (3ESB41C)

ESB 41 E Back (3ESB41E)

ESB 45 A Back (6ESB45A)

ESB 45 A Back (6ESB45A)

ESB 47 A Back (7ESB47A)

ESB 48 C Back (9ESB48C)

ESB Snaggletooth w/ Jawa Blaster

US - ROTJ + POTF (8)

POTF 92 Back (1POTF92)

ROTJ 48 D 2 Lines (1ROTJ48D)

ROTJ 65 A (2ROTJ65A)

ROTJ 65 B (2ROTJ65B)

ROTJ 65 C Back (3ROTJ65C)

ROTJ 77 A (7ROTJ77A)

ROTJ 79 A (2ROTJ79A)

ROTJ Jawa & Teebo 2 Pack

Foreign (to US) (8)

Clipper Offer 77 back Jawa (wrap around sticker)

French - Meccano Jawa 21 Back

Italian - Harbert 12 Back Jawa

Kenner Canada Late 12 Back with Guerre Des Etoiles Logo

Mexican - Lili Ledy ROTJ Jawa

Palitoy ROTJ 45 Back Jawa

PBP Spanish "El Imperio Contraataca" (ESB) Jawa with Horizontal Back image

Tri-Logo ROTJ Jawa
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