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There are plenty of things I'm still looking for to add to my collection. Below is a list of some particular items that I'm looking for. If you happen to have any of these items please contact me chrisnichhere you have something that's jawa or sandcrawler related that you don't see listed here or on the rest of the site chances are I'm probably interested.

Dutch Clipper jawa
I'm looking for the Dutch 12 back
Star Wars jawa proof card
I'm looking for any jawa proof card that's a Star Wars card. I'd obviously prefer a 12 back but I'll take anything at this point!!
Palitoy carded jawa
I'm looking for a jawa on any Palitoy card
Canadian carded vinyl caped jawa
I'd like to find one of these on a decent card if possible.
Any jawa prototypes
I'd love to track down a vintage hard copy. I'd say the one thing I'm not interested in is a set of potf2 jawas first shots. It seems there are somehow a TON of these floating around. I was offered about 6 pairs before I finally bought my set and have been offered several sets since.
Star Wars Special Edition Jawa window clinger
I really want to get one of these!!
US or foreign carded figures not show here
I'm trying to put a complete set of jawa's on every different card imaginable. So if you have a cardback that's not shown here and if it's for sale please drop me a note

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