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David Jensen: Stupid things an American says about: politics, media, the Sopranos, and more

David Jensen is a CNN White House correspondent. He joins CNN from Summit, NJ where he assists as a Stupidity Consultant

CNN recently interviewed David Jensen on a series of issues and reports here on several of the true jewels of stupidity produced by Jensen.

"I have determined that there is certainly something wrong with people from California."

"Another thing that has spiraled out of control is the Media, who I personally feel SUCK."

"I don't want to hear a peep out of Clinton-Gore supporters during this crisis."

"Hey I got PS2. Do you have it yet? Know any of the good games to get?"

"I'm waiting for SHREK."

"When does the next Star Wars movie come out."

"The key here is the gun that Tony gave back to Ralph. Ralph gave that gun to Jackie, and Jackie told Tony that he got it from Ralph. Ralph acted like he had no idea where Jackie would have gotten the gun from. Tony knows that something is going on here..."

"For the Sopranos you have to go to this forum and post. I love just dissing people. It's great to put some garbage up there and watch as people flip out. "

"What are you talking about with the drunk message? Was it from Saturday night? If that is the case it could of been a possibility---otherwise it was another Dave."

"Just so you know the story, I emailed the Star Ledger's editor yesterday to complain about some of what I felt was "mis-reporting" on the Sopranos. "

"He keeps it real and kicks it with some old school flavor."

"I got a call back from the Weakest Link. I can try out in Philly next week if I want to. I do hate the show though. "

"Work is busy and life is crazy. Golf is what is keeping my somewhat sane."

"Could you repeat that in English?"

Dave Jensen was solicited by through a chat room introduction between himself and CNN Correspondent Chris Nichols (here). This is an edited transcript of the interview on Thursday, September 13, 1997, and corresponding email discussion since then.

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